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Steve Herman is a children's books best selling author, and he is passionate about teaching children valuable social and emotional life lessons through his cute, fun, and relatable dragon children books.

His dragon books have been used and recommended by many parents, grandparents, teachers, school counselors, therapists, and psychologists to help children overcome social and emotional challenges in the fun, effective and relatable ways!

See what others have to say about the dragon books:


Teacher Testimonials

Parent Testimonials

Help My Toddler

“Bought this for my tantrum throwing almost 3 year old. He LOVES this book & wants to read it multiple times. The situations are relatable: Having to remain calm and patient while waiting your turn, being told no, Not being able to go somewhere you want (outside), meeting a bully, or having to share.

While reading the story I enjoyed asking my son if he's ever had to do these things and if he reacted the same way as Diggory the dragon (or had someone act like Diggory towards him). I often repeat "you can't hurt things just because you're angry" and Diggory burning & my toddler hitting definitely relate. The other characters have great emotions on their faces in reaction to the dragons behavior too.

My toddler might not be able to calm himself by thinking happy thoughts or counting to 10 but when he was upset about leaving the store and I mentioned controlling his anger his response was "Like the dragon?". This has happened in numerous situations. So thank you.”

Lilly E. – Parent


Great family story!

“My 4 and 2 year olds LOVE this book and we put on our "mad" faces with poor Diggory Doo. My 4 yo struggles with BIG emotions and a speech delay that adds to his frustration when trying to express himself. This book helps channel those feelings so that he feels understood, which in turn helps him release some of those big feelings he can't always adequately express verbally. Great reference point as he is learning and growing in his communication and emotional management/ this story and it's positive impact on my fam!”

Kristina – Parent


My 1st grade boys LOVE this book!

“I am a school psychologist at an elementary school and got this (and another "Train your Dragon" book) for some of the younger students I work with. The two 1st grade boys I have read it too LOVE this book. I love that it has strategies as part of the story and even shows some of the dragon's body signals that the boys can identify with. Thanks for creating such a great way for kiddos to gain awareness of their feelings and how to manage them!”

Carol L. - Psychologist


My son says "It's really good for kids to learn about"

“This review is written by my 8-year-old son who just read the book and exclaimed how much he liked it. He says "I liked it because it teaches you a good lesson of how you can lose your anger and it was fun to read. It didn't take me very long. Dear Steve Herman, thank you for writing this book." He has asked for more Train Your Dragon books, which is quite a compliment.”

Maria – Parent


Real life stuff

“Our Grandson loved it! He is almost 8 and said to me oh that Dragon must be me! So I hope he sees being told NO, is and not an ok thing and keep his roar at bay. Thank you for writing about real life situations. We will be buying more of your books.”

Terri S. – Grandparent


I am a mental health therapist that works with children ...

“I am a mental health therapist that works with children in the schools. In the area where I work and live, we have had a lot of disasters in the past few months and the community has had to pull together. I have used this book in groups of kids effected to teach them mindfulness. They have responded well to this book and seem to be able to relate to the Dragon.”

Katie G. - Mental Health Therapist


Love the series!

“As a child mental health counselor and parent of a 4yo, this book is awesome! Teaches good lessons, rhymes, and shares a great story about a boy and his dragon!”

Furmany – Parent and Mental Health Counselor


Many kids are reading and enjoying the books.