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Our books have helped many parents, teachers, school counselors, therapists, and mental health professionals to help their children grow into the best versions of themselves.

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I have anxiety and this book helped me learn about how to control it. I would recommend this book to other people who have anxiety issues like me!

Fun rhyming book with a great message

it's really nice when you learn about empathy and help others by knowing how they feel per my 7 yr old. This series has been really nice and appreciated by kids and parents alike

My Grandson is HOOKED

I just ordered either my fifth or sixth book for my grandson, who loves Drew and Diggory so much. Not sure how I stumbled across these in the Amazon rabbit hole, but am so happy with the effect they've had on him struggling with regulating his emotions, understanding his feelings, problem solving, and controlling his body. As an almost-five year old, the rhyming text is delightful for him; and he has these books memorized. TBH, I find the illustrations just grotesque, but it's not about me, he adores them. [I thought Barney the purple dinosaur was gross, too, and my son loved him.] You can bet I'll be buying him the Diggory Dragon stuffy for his birthday in a few weeks. Oh! I should have mentioned my major complaint is that these books --and the stuffy-- are grossly overpriced. They are thin, flimsy, and $13 apiece. Considering that the series is targeted toward neurodiverse families, it would be an act of kindness to make them more affordable to those of us who are VERY low income (pretty common, and neurodiversity's a genetic issue), and is an opportunity for philanthropy. To whomever the publisher is: You can get a MAJOR tax break if you help provide us disabled folks, our kids, and grandkids with therapeutic books. If it's about dollars and cents. We would love to get more of them.

The Sad Dragon
You couldn't find a better series of children's books

We started with one and now we have almost 20! I recommend these to therapists, and any other families I meet with kids under 13. Our therapists have loved these books for our 7 year old. We've dealt with changing custody, doctors, therapists, schools, school bullies, lying, pet death and more, but no matter what we seem to always be able to find one that talks about any situation life throws at us. Mr. Herman is a blessing in our household, and I hope he continues to write more fabulous children's books.

Great book

This is a great book to help with social skills for kiddos. We have read it many times.

The Foster Dragon
Virginia Knudsen
Great Book and good information for our little ones.

I love that it shows children the distinction between natural sugar and processed sugar in a way that makes sense. As a grandmother, it is also good for me to remember to limit the processed sugar I give to my grandkids and sprinkle in the good stuff.

A Dragon With ADHD
Texas Gigi
Great book for my 1st grade grandee.

He can read most all the words w/o help! He has a Dragon Buddy too! Will purchase more books from this collection.

Great resource for parents and teachers

I bought this to teach my child about his diagnosis. I also implement it in my curriculum as a special ed teacher. It’s a cute story and always gets me a bit choked up.


I gifted this to a friend. She loved it.


They are fine - just really small!!

Great book!

We like this book!!!

Awesome Book!

We love this book!

Sad Dragon

This book was very helpful in explaining the death of an animal recently to my grandchildren.

My kiddo loves this book

It’s cute, it’s adorable, it’s one of a long series!

could be a "lead-in" to talk about Strangers ; needs reread to takek-in

This story covered ground for a lot of information. I'm an adult, but would of been the dragon believing what people said at "face value". Biggest lesson, getting children to understand that people we don't know may not be speaking the true.I really liked how it was stated, more than once (very important,) that people who don't have bad intentions will understand that a child has been told not to "go with", or just take the word of a stranger just because they tell you they are here to help you.

A Dragon With ADHD
Natalie Paramore
A great what to teach your child about ADHD

When telling my son about his ADHD diagnosis I read him this book after we talked. I also got the stuffed animal character (sold separately) but these two combined really helped my child feel at ease with this new information. The book hit all the points in an easy and helpful way. Highly recommend!

Like new

Great price, with excellent scheduling

Great series and enjoyable characters.

I bought this book for my daughter who was 4 at the time. Right before she started a new daycare. She was having problems expressing her emotions in a positive way. Her then therapist had been using the books in the series as part of her therapy for the reading time. It really is a great series and I cannot stress that enough. This may be a one off type situation, but my daughter on her 2nd day of daycare was expelled from the daycare after she said she was going to burn the place down. Just like the dragon did at one point in the book. I realized that she was trying to express her anger and remembered that part of the book and that is how it was expressed in the moment of my disregulated daughters mind. She has since been diagnosed with dmdd and adhd (pending phd evaluation results for autism and odd). So please make sure you explain to your littles about when the dragon is so angry he feels like he could burn the place down with his fire. Best of luck fellow mommas and daddies!

Great book for elementary students

I’m a school social worker and I see students struggle with losing all the time. This is a great book about sportsmanship because it talks about sore winners and sore losers. It helps the students understand what their poor behavior looks like to others and why winning isn’t everything.


I’m obsessed with this book. My little boys love it and have asked me to read it about ten times in the two days that we’ve had it. Breaks down consent and body safety in such a digestible way to small children. Just love it!

Great book

As a teacher for 12 yrs this book series is absolutely fantastic! You never know what situations are going to happen to your students. These books help teach self regulation and reflection in a kid friendly way.

So Helpful

Love these books- great messages my kid likes hearing each night.


Used this for a kid that wouldn't stop streaming.Easy reading and understanding

A must have

I have fallen in love with this dragon Digory Doo. If you are a k-2 teacher than any book in this series is for you. Empathy is such a core value that many of our students are not taught at home. This book teaches it in a fun way and leads to some great discussions.

Two Homes Filled with Love
Carla Cristina
It helps children understand

It's very good to help them understand about separated parents and 2 homes, but I do change some of the words, as it can get a bit complicated at times and for a 3 year old it's a little hard to understand. My 7 year old loves it and helps him with his feelings when he feels sad or conflicted. It's sad, but for those who are in our situation; It definitely comforts the kids.