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Our books have helped many parents, teachers, school counselors, therapists, and mental health professionals to help their children grow into the best versions of themselves.

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Imparts needed coping skills

Great resource that helps children learn skills to cope with trauma. Helpful for all to read. Fun illustrations that help reader keep turning the pages.

Beautiful way to explain loss

This is a beautiful way to help young children process loss and grief. Our 6 and 3 year old really benefitted from reading this book. The dragon character was easy for them to relate to. Thank you for providing a great resource for grieving children.

Great book for child with lots of feelings

Great and fun book to help child understand feelings. Typically read a few pages per night to help understand feelings and how to coupe with them. Book is fun for child to read or listen to

The Sad Dragon
Julie A. Coleman
Perfect book to help child process loss

Loved how the book started a conversation with a 5 year old who lost her father about her grief. Great tool!

Great book!

Well written for children

Train Your Angry Dragon
Amazon Customer
Great book!

Well written and nice illustrations!

Great social emotional book for my special education students!

My students love reading Diggory books and passing around the plushy. We really had to teach Diggory how to behave during this book, but the kiddos loved it! So many of our littles are growing up with mean people around them. This book teaches them how to be patient and make choices they can be okay with until they can do what they originally wanted to do. One of my kiddos predicted the firey dragon flames from Diggory. Now we say, "Are you showing firey dragon flames?" and the kids know what they need to do. Great job again, Steve Herman!


Good book. My daughter loves it.

Must have

Great story for kids, very appropriate. My kids enjoyed it

My daughter has already picked out the next one she wants to read

I want to read it and I dont know how to read yet and thank you for writing this book. An honest review from a barely 5 year old. From a parent perspective, my daughter was completely enthralled in this book. She loved the characters. It helped her identify emotions and help use empathy on how others were feeling. By the end she knew why lying wasnt ok and wants to get another book in the series. 1000/10 would recommend!

Diggory Doo dragon books are great

Students really enjoy having books from this series read to them. Then we discuss the story.

Patience is hard!


The best books by far

These are my absolute favorite books! We have 12 of them so far and read them regularly. Can't wait to keep building our collection!

My son loves this book

My son has aniexty and he loves reading this

Teach Your Dragon Patience
Lashon Gonzales
I love these books

I love these books And the series is adorable and it is very informative with children learning feelings related to circumstances. I have bought many of his books. Thank you and hope Steve Herman makes more books.

A fun read as always!!

The story was fun like always! We love your books and have read most of them. However, the proposed strategy/method for practicing patience and the examples were not new/novel. I wish there were other examples besides baking a cake and waiting for a seed to grow into a tree. Moreover, some kids just have a hard time understanding the concept of time :-) Maybe mentioning and acknowledging the fact that kids can have a hard time waiting at times and that this is normal can help some of them...

Wonderful childrens book

These are great books teaching children about safety and many important lessons. They are written in a mild, empowering way.

A Dragon Goes to the Doctor
Amazon Customer
It identified with various races

An excellent teaching tool for children

A Dragon With ADHD
Amazon Customer
Great relatable books

My grandson and i love these books. Been reading them for years. Him and i both relate to the dragon and always ends with a good message

A Dragon With ADHD
Kayla Wichman

This book was so helpful for my son as he had recently been diagnosed with ADHD. I had a hard time trying to explain it to him myself but this book absolutely nailed it for me.

Easy for child to relate to

Sent multiple books to my grandson. My son said he really enjoys the books and notes that my grandson can relate the story to create positive behaviors

Awesome books!

We love reading these books with our son!

Not for 3 year old

I bought the dragon and book for my grandson. He loves the stuffed animal but I'm going to wait several months before introducing him to the books. The stories are well written and I believe will help him but still just a bit young yet.

Great Story and Lesson

This book has helped my son so much! He loves the story and takes the message to heart! He has overcome anxiety in a few situations from reading this story

great read for my anxious 5 year old.

the book is amazing, it's so simple but yet genius. It helps my son put into perspective that anxiety isn't a part of who he is but is something he lives with. Makes it better to control it than being overpowered by it. I don't know if that makes sense but it's a favorite at our home.