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Our books have helped many parents, teachers, school counselors, therapists, and mental health professionals to help their children grow into the best versions of themselves.

See what thousands of our customers are saying about the books!

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Very creative and relatable book

Very creative and relatable book will definitely be getting more dragon books.

Train Your Dragon to Focus
Nate & Kaela Mills
Great lesson within all these books

My family absolutely enjoys reading these books. They are an easy and fun read for the kids. My daughter looks forward to bedtime because of these books. Each book also also has a great underlying lesson that the kids can easily understand. For reference we started getting these books when they were around 4-5 years. Definitely recommend every one of these!

Potty Train Your Dragon
amy tankersley
potty training

I used this book for a few specific clients that I am working with that are special needs and in DHS care. I have one client that loves these books and asked each session to read one. This book has helped him to not be afraid of the bathroom and having to go poo. I am very excited to start to implement this book and several others that I have purchased with all my younger clients.


Great book for kids


I read this to my 4yo regularly. I was nervous that this would be an uncomfortable book to read and difficult to explain. However, the way that it is written it makes it pretty age-appropriate.

Teach Your Dragon Manners
Denise A. Kuehner
Teach your child good manners through a naughty yet lovable dragon

Purchased this book for my three and four year old grandsons to help them learn better manners. It really helped. Now they talk about Digory-do the naughty dragon, who now says please and thank you. It has certainly helped them learn to share things with each other. It teaches kindness and respect. The drawings are cute but the lessons are really top notch and offered in rhyme which helps children stay focused. They want me to read the book to them over and over which is great because thats how little kids learn. I plan to buy other books in the series.

My kids are 5 and 8. They enjoy the story and animation, I enjoy having a story that speaks to issues we see our own kids going through. Very well made!

Really helped!

My kid was having issues with starting school, weve been together since she was born. This story helped her overcome her anxiety in a fun and easily understandable way for a 5 year old. Ive recommended it to all my parent friends.

A Dragon With ADHD
Alicia Thayer
Cant say enough amazing things!

This is such an excellent resource for my child who has ADHD/SPD. He started understanding of how he is different from others, and this book gave him so much confidence and let him know he has a superpower, and is not alone! I love that there are so many different categories for these books and wish they were around when I was a child. Dont even think twice, buy this!!

The Sad Dragon
Sarah Scott
Could not have done it without this book

My husband has stage 4 lung cancer and this book has really helped our son cope with the big feelings of this diagnosis and all it brings.

My great-granddaughter loves Dragons. This is for her 3rd birthday in January.

Can't wait for her to read with me!

The Adopted Dragon
As good as any other

I really appreciated the multiple messages within this book. I didn't love the extra emphasis on diggory being different, as not all adopted families look different, but I get why it was that way. You can't hit all the messages in one story. I loved the second half of the book.

Best books ever!!!

I bought 14 of this dragon books. I am a licensed in Marriage and Family Therapist and I use this books with my patients for kids and adults! Best of the best!!!

Train Your Angry Dragon
DNina Dancer
Kids love Diggory

I use the Dragon books to help teach social skills. My students love the angry dragon because he burns everything up when he is mad. It's a great visual on what happens when they are mad. The tips help my students know how to react when they get mad.Thank you for all the extras you email us!

Train Your Dragon to Focus
Amazon Customer
Love these books!

My daughter has ASD along with anxiety. Anytime we run into an issue that she just can't work through, we load the appropriate book for the situation. She is calmer and more focused after reading it. I definitely recommend this series.

Get the stuffed animal too!!

We loved this for our five year old. We also bought the stuffed animal and told him that was his dragon to teach now. We felt this really drove the lesson home. We can tell he understands and is very engaged.

We loved this with the books!

This stuffed animal was so worth it. We gave it to our five year old son and told him it was his dragon to teach now. This helped with the books so much and made him much more engaged!!!! Kids love to play pretend and now hes teaching his dragon the lessons that the books teach which helps him understand it more. I love it.****100% WORTH IT****

great explanation in verse

I love these books to relate different issues for children to understand in an easy way.

Potty Train Your Dragon
Brooke DiFebo
Such a cute story

This book was so good and so fitting for my son. My 3 year old was 80% potty trained but refused to do #2 on the potty. I decided to buy this book to try to help him and while waiting for it we finally got him to go, but it was a battle. After this book arrived he became less reluctant about the potty. I can't recommend this book enough if you have a reluctant child on going potty.

Best book for grief

I've read alot of books on grief, children's and adults over last 8 years. This is the best. Wish I had found it sooner

Really helps with anger

I'm an adult and it helped me so I'm sure it would help a child since it is a child's book and written on their levelj

My new favorite childrens Author

My son suffers from trauma at an early age and is now five years old and struggles with his emotions. I have purchased many books in this series. Each book delivered beyond my expectations. My son loved listening about Diggory Doo learn life lessons. This series has open up conversation in a positive manner.

Excellent as always!! Loved it!!

Steve Hermann's books are all fantastic. Well-written, relatable, educational and fun. My daughter loves them (as do I). We always make sure to get his books and read them over and over again.

The Adopted Dragon
Lindsay Davidson
Love them all

There hasnt been one of his books we havent enjoyed. Theyre all written well for a child to understand AND learn lessons/facts about different things. We read all of the dragon books and probably will for a long time- I suggest these books to everyone!

Amazing, so good :)

Loved it for my foster son that is transitioning to adoption :)