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Our books have helped many parents, teachers, school counselors, therapists, and mental health professionals to help their children grow into the best versions of themselves.

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Love it!

My 4yr old son loves it. Thank you for sending the song

Great lessons and illustrations

This is not our first Diggory Dragoon book by Steve Herman. The illustrations are bright, colorful, and fun. The lessons are simple enough for younger kids, and can encourage conversations with slightly older kids. Mine is 8, and loves these books.


It’s so great. I love singing along with this song.

Teach Your Dragon Manners
Elaine Weinstein
Parents teach manners

Parents love life's lessons.

Train Your Dragon to Clean Up
Elaine Weinstein
Parents teach children the importance of keeping their roon clean

Influence young children to cleanand organize thier rooms.

Parents approve this book

Parents love this book.

Great for 6 year old!

My boy is just starting to explore technology and he loves the diggory books!This is a great choice for your little dragon!

Great book

Great book and a topic of great concern in today's world. I hope these books keep coming.

Important to discuss and easy to understand

The simple way it explained the dangers of befriending strangers online and appropriate boundaries for social media.


It's a great way to manage scary feelings in a child's move!

Child Friendly Introduction to Internet Safety

A good introduction for young children (elementary school age) to internet safety without being scary.


Age appropriate and easy to understand. Another great Diggery Doo book.

Good Book for those Angry Dragons

I like the way this book references the things that can bring about consequences. It is written for kids older than my grandchildren right now but will be useful later on.
Children need to learn how to deal with the consequences of their behavior, so it is an important topic. I'm happy I got the book even if I can't use it right now.

Very well done

My daughter is VERY careful about what she allows my 4 1/2 YO granddaughter to be exposed to. They both loved this book. Factual/informative, but not scary.

Focuses on coping with looking different

Great book but seems written more for adopted children who look different from their adopted family. It focuses on helping children cope with looking different. I imagine it is targeted for racially/ethnically blended families.

The Mindful Dragon
Veronica K. Nealis
Use these books to help Kids with emotional regulation difficulties all the time.

Excellent series for kids to learn from.

Ateve Herman Dragon Book series

My grandson is a young 8 year old and LOVES his first dragon book, "Teach your Dragon to Follow Instructions". We have ordered 2 more and will eventually get the series. It is valuable because the book makes a child realize things they may be doing in a gentle way without a lecture. Also, we purchase the hardcover, and it is definitely worth the money.

Good book for kids

This book is enjoyed by 6 yr old boy and reminds him that he also needs to follow the rules. It’s a little pricey but worth it. Will purchase more of these books.

Teach Your Dragon Patience
Amanda Johnson
engaging and written well

Good vocabulary for a young 7 year old. I enjoyed the message. It was very clear and offered good solutions to how to apply the lesson.

Topic and how it's handled is spot on! Thank you!

Dragon books speak to so many important issues in a manner children understand and that grandparents appreciate.

Adding to my counseling book collection.

This book has a great rhyming story with a great lesson for kids with anxiety.

Self Regulation-Behavior Analysis stories for kids!!

Steve Herman's Diggory Do books provide an excellent medium to discuss childhood behavioral issues in need of change! I use 95% of them with schoool age children working on self awareness and regulation. I await new titles that address physical aggression as a primary means of problem solving, along with other personal insights to natural impulsies that do more harm than good.

Love these books

My boys love the Diggory doo dragon books. And love this new book about the dinosaur. Great life lesson for kids. Awesome pictures to keep them entertained.

Great books

My children really enjoy these

Great story and the illustrations were perfect