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Train Your Dragon To Accept NO

Teach Your Dragon To Accept ‘No’ For An Answer. A Cute Story To Teach Kids About Disagreement, Emotions and Anger Management (My Dragon Books - Volume 7)

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ISBN: 9781948040174

Having a pet dragon is very fun.

But your dragon can get very angry and upset when you tell him “NO!"

He can burn your house down to the ground and everything you own!

What do you do?

You need to teach your dragon how to accept “No” for an answer!

Get this book now and learn how.

Fun, cute and entertaining with beautiful illustrations, this playful book will teach kids how to handle Disagreement, Emotions and Anger Management.

A must have book for children and parents to teach kids about Disagreement, Emotions and Anger Management.

Get this book now and enjoy!

Customer Reviews

Based on 184 reviews
I love these books!

2nd one Ive purchased & my son loves them. Easy to understand & gets the message across in a fun & educational way.

Jill Kano
Pictures not bright - dark colors

Color in the book very drab. Previous versions had bright colors. Hard to read With dark colors. Two pictures attached one from this book and then another from a different book same series.

Mama Byrd
Review from a 7 year old boy

This is a great book! I think that it helped me with Understanding too!

Baileyface Batman
Cute, Rhyming, Kids Love Them

The book isn't perfect by social media mom standards (some suggestion about "being bad" which some may find icky) but overall, I love these books and recommend them to friends. They are easy to read, cute, rhyme, and my kids enjoy them. I don't mind reading them over and over either which is a plus, because some kids books are just terrible for repeat use. The ink smell is really strong for those who have sensory stuff.Hey- Mx. Author- if you have the power to make some series of these (totally rip off Mo Willems Biggie Books- haha) I would be interested in purchasing some. It would be easier to have some "collections" around the house instead of individual paperbacks scattered everywhere.

m rum
Very creative and relatable book

Very creative and relatable book will definitely be getting more dragon books.