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My Dragon Books Whole Set - Full Series Collection (65 Books) (Paperback) (20% OFF)

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The bundle includes all books in the My Dragon Books series.

You will receive:

Title Price
Potty Train Your Dragon (Volume 1) (x1) $12.95
Train Your Angry Dragon (Volume 2) (x1) $12.95
The Mindful Dragon (Volume 3) (x1) $12.95
The Yoga Dragon (Volume 4) (x1) $12.95
Dragon and The Bully (Volume 5) (x1) $12.95
Happy Birthday, Dragon! (Volume 6) (x1) $12.95
Train Your Dragon To Accept NO (Volume 7) (x1) $12.95
I Got This! (Volume 8) (x1) $12.95
Train Your Dragon To Be Kind (Volume 9) (x1) $12.95
A Dragon With His Mouth On Fire (Volume 10) (x1) $12.95
Train Your Dragon To Follow Rules (Volume 11) (x1) $12.95
Train Your Dragon To Be Responsible (Volume 12) (x1) $12.95
Train Your Dragon To Love Himself (Volume 13) (x1) $12.95
Teach Your Dragon To Understand Consequences (Volume 14) (x1) $12.95
Teach Your Dragon to Stop Lying (Volume 15) (x1) $12.95
Teach Your Dragon to Make Friends (Volume 16) (x1) $12.95
Teach Your Dragon To Share (Volume 17) (x1) $12.95
Fix Your Dragon’s Attitude (Volume 18) (x1) $12.95
Get Your Dragon To Try New Things (Volume 19) (x1) $12.95
Teach Your Dragon To Follow Instructions (Volume 20) (x1) $12.95
A Dragon Christmas (Volume 21) (x1) $12.95
Help Your Dragon Deal With Anxiety (Volume 22) (x1) $12.95
Teach Your Dragon Manners (Volume 23) (x1) $12.95
Teach Your Dragon Empathy (Volume 24) (x1) $12.95
Teach Your Dragon About Diversity (Volume 25) (x1) $12.95
Help Your Dragon Learn From Mistakes (Volume 26) (x1) $12.95
Help Your Dragon Deal With Change (Volume 27) (x1) $12.95
The Sad Dragon (Volume 28) (x1) $12.95
Dragon Sibling Rivalry (Volume 29) (x1) $12.95
Limit Your Dragon's Screen Time (Volume 30) (x1) $12.95
Dragon and His Friend (Volume 31) (x1) $12.95
Teach Your Dragon Good Hygiene (Volume 32) (x1) $12.95
Teach Your Dragon About Stranger Danger (Volume 33) (x1) $12.95
Help Your Dragon Cope with Trauma (Volume 34) (x1) $12.95
Help Your Dragon Overcome Separation Anxiety (Volume 35) (x1) $12.95
Train Your Dragon To Do Hard Things (Volume 36) (x1) $12.95
Two Homes Filled With Love (Volume 37) (x1) $12.95
Dragon's Mask (Volume 38) (x1) $12.95
Virtual Learning Dragon (Volume 39) (x1) $12.95
The Foster Dragon (Volume 40) (x1) $12.95
A Dragon With ADHD (Volume 41) (x1) $12.95
Get Your Dragon To Eat Healthy Food (Volume 42) (x1) $12.95
Get Your Dragon Respect (Volume 43) (x1) $12.95
Get Your Dragon Body Safety(Volume 44) (x1) $12.95
The Bossy Dragon(Volume 45) (x1) $12.95
Teach Your Dragon Integrity (Volume 46) (x1) $12.95
Be A Good Sport, Diggory Doo! (Volume 47) (x1) $12.95
A Dragon Needs His Sleep (Volume 48) (x1) $12.95
A Dragon Has To Persevere (Volume 49) (x1) $12.95
Celebrate Our Differences (Volume 50) (x1) $12.95
Teach Your Dragon About Feelings (Volume 51) (x1) $12.95
A Dragon Goes to the Doctor (Volume 52) (x1) $12.95
Help Your Dragon Deal with Jealousy and Envy (Volume 53) (x1) $12.95
The Tattletale Dragon (Volume 54) (x1) $12.95
Train Your Dragon to Clean Up (Volume 55) (x1) $12.95
Teach Your Dragon Gratitude (Volume 56) (x1) $12.95
A Dragon Goes to the Dentist (Volume 57) (x1) $12.95
Stop Your Dragon from Stealing (Volume 58) (x1) $12.95
Train Your Dragon to Focus (Volume 59) (x1) $12.95
The Adopted Dragon (Volume 60) (x1) $12.95
Teach Your Dragon About Personal Space (Volume 61) (x1) $12.95
Diggory Doo, It's Moving Day! (Volume 62) (x1) $12.95
Help Your Dragon Resolve Conflict (Volume 63) (x1) $12.95
Teach Your Dragon Patience (Volume 64) (x1) $12.95
Diggory Doo and the Bad Habits (Volume 65) (x1) $12.95


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

These books are sooooooooooooooooooo awsome to read

Angel Treanor

My kiddo who has autism and needs help understanding a lot of things these books have helped so much I have recommended them to so many people

Thank you

My grandson (8) and I read book together. I loved the pictures and how easy it was for him to read and understand. Will definitely purchase more books.

Kirstin Easterling
All Books in Set

Love these books! They are going to be such a huge help with our future foster children.

Amy Hanlin

Love the whole set! I teach 4th and 5th grade behaviors and severe and profound and can’t wait to get them in the classroom!!!