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The Foster Dragon

A Story about Foster Care (My Dragon Books - Volume 40)

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ISBN: 9781649160720

A Cute Children’s Book to help Kids understand Foster Care and Adoption.

Join Drew and his dragon Diggory Doo on this uplifting story to understand what it means to be a foster child and the many issues, questions, and feelings they have that are directly or indirectly affected by Foster Care.

With the cute and relatable Dragon Diggory Doo going through the same issues children have, this is an essential book to help children cope with difficult challenges such as changing families, being removed from a home, or how scary things can be, and how to navigate the fears and feelings going into Foster Care.

Educators and parents will find this book a great tool to help kids open up to discuss negative behaviors, as well as understanding and gaining trust for adults involved such as social workers, parents, lawyers, parents, therapists, and more…

Read this book to children to give them the empowering affirmation that no matter how hard and uncertain things can be, they’re loved and the adults involved are lending the helping hands, and what they can do to adjust to the new living associated with Foster Care.


Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Virginia Knudsen
Great Book and good information for our little ones.

I love that it shows children the distinction between natural sugar and processed sugar in a way that makes sense. As a grandmother, it is also good for me to remember to limit the processed sugar I give to my grandkids and sprinkle in the good stuff.

Good book

Story does end with adoption vs returning to family but overall cute book/theme!

SO good!

After reading this story to our foster child, it was really apparent he identified with the dragon, as he called this book his favorite book and wanted to dress up as the Foster dragon for the special favorite book character dress up day at school! This book really includes a lot of issues foster kids deal with and encourages kids to talk about what they're feeling. It does however end with adoption, which is fine, but since not all kids in foster care get adopted, readers beware. It does allow for hope for all though.

Mentions adoption

Be aware the book talks about adoption at the end! Wish I would have known that before reading to my foster children.

Amazon Customer
Amazing book describing foster care and adoption through foster care

As a foster mom, I love this book. I have a bio son and foster son around 5yrs old, and reading this book to them truly encouraged great conversation that is normally hard to have. I highly recommend this book for foster families with younger kids.(The end talks about adoption FYI)