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The Sad Dragon

A Dragon Book About Grief and Loss. A Cute Story To Help Kids Understand The Loss Of A Loved One, and How To Get Through Difficult Time (My Dragon Books - Volume 28)

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ISBN: 9781948040990

Having a pet dragon is very fun!

He can sit, roll over, and play… He can candle a birthday cake, lit a campfire, or so many other fun things that will make you laugh…

But sometimes, not every story is a happy one…

What if your dragon is suffering from a loss of a loved one?

What if he’s sad, angry, and heartbroken because his loved one passed away, and he cries and cries and cries?

What should you do?

You teach him about Grief and Loss. You explain death to him, and help him get through this difficult time!

But how???

Get his book now and learn how!

Cute dragon book with beautiful illustrations, this is a must have for children, parents and teachers to open up conversations about loss, and to help kids who suffered from the loss of a loved one.


Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
You couldn't find a better series of children's books

We started with one and now we have almost 20! I recommend these to therapists, and any other families I meet with kids under 13. Our therapists have loved these books for our 7 year old. We've dealt with changing custody, doctors, therapists, schools, school bullies, lying, pet death and more, but no matter what we seem to always be able to find one that talks about any situation life throws at us. Mr. Herman is a blessing in our household, and I hope he continues to write more fabulous children's books.

Sad Dragon

This book was very helpful in explaining the death of an animal recently to my grandchildren.

Great message

We enjoy all the books in this series. Very happy with this purchase. Our son has experienced loss recently. I believe this helped comfort him and added coping skills.

Jenni & Donnie
Great for kids dealing with loss

This is a wonderful book for kids dealing with the loss of a loved one or friend. It goes through he stages of grief with a child's understanding. Sad to say we have had to read this multiple times over the past few years, but it has always made my son feel better and know he is not alone in his feelings. I send this book to my employees with small children when there is a loss in the family.

Sensitive , poignant story to help a child through a loss.

This book helped my grandson through the loss of a pet, that has been with him since he was an infant.