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Online Read Aloud - Storytime Publisher Permission Request

Thank you so much for your interest in reading our books.

We are happy to support and encourage the efforts of educators and others to provide remote learning during this difficult time, and we're glad that you choose any of our books to read online to your students and participants.

We ask that you follow these guidelines below:

  1. Please note at the beginning of the recording that you are reading with permission of My Dragon Books, and please note the title, and the author Steve Herman of the book.
  2. In your video description, please include the link to the book your read on our website. Our books can be found here.
  3. Permission is for non-commercial purpose only. Viewers cannot be charged for viewing the video.
  4. Please fill out the form below so we can keep track of the permissions granted.

Thank you very much for all you do to help our children learn during this time.

My Dragon Books