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25 Self-love Affirmations to Boost Kids' Self-Esteem

teaching kids self-esteem

It's easy to overlook the need to teach our children how to speak kindly to themselves. We might think that if we praise them frequently enough, they'll start to believe it and see themselves through our eyes.

The reality is that no matter how often they hear love and encouragement from us, they need to learn to praise themselves.

In this article, you will learn why Self-Love is essential to boost your kids' self-esteem and the 25 powerful affirmations your kids can use daily.

Why Is Self-Love Essential for Our Kids?

what is self-love?

As a caregiver to young children, you've probably spent time teaching them kindness and empathy toward others. Without question, learning those skills is vital for positive relationships and success in their lives.

But we often overlook teaching the same skills of being kind and loving towards oneself.

Most children won't think of love in those terms unless we teach them. To them, love means external love shown to family, friends, and pets.

But science-backed research shows that learning self-love is essential for kids to increase self-esteem, lower stress and anxiety, build resilience, and help them find values and purpose in life.

We need to teach them how to help their inner voice to be kind and supportive of themselves and to learn self-acceptance. These vital skills don't come naturally, but we can help instill them in our kids by teaching them how to use positive affirmations.

Practice Affirmations Daily

daily self-love affirmatoins

Self-talk significantly influences every aspect of our lives – confidence, happiness, health, relationships, and much more. If we actively give ourselves positive affirmations daily, it will make a mark on our subconscious mind about what we can and will accomplish.

Teaching your kids to use positive affirmations daily will transform the way they think.

It will replace their limiting beliefs and behaviors with what they need for success.

What happens if your kids keep telling themselves daily how great they are?

What if they keep repeating every day, preferably out loud, "I am smart. I can handle anything. I am pretty Great"?

Their brain will reinforce the self-belief that there is no limit to anything they can do and achieve.

To help you get started, we've gathered a list of 25 powerful self-love affirmations you and your kids can use daily.

25 Daily Self-Love Affirmations for Your Kids

1. I can handle anything

i can handle anything

 2. I make good choices

i make good choices

3. I am a hard worker

i am a hard worker
4. I have great ideas

i have great ideas

5. I love my life

i love my life

6. I always lend a helping hand

i always lend a helping hand

7. I am a great reader

i am a great reader

8. I am a good listener

i am a good listener

9. I am a good friend

i am a good friend

10. I don't give up

i don't give up

11. I am a smart decision maker

I am a smart decision maker12. I am calm

I am calm

13. I am kind

I am kind14. I am responsible

I am responsible15. I can control my anger

I can control my anger16. I am honest

I am honest17. I have empathy

I have empathy

18. I am friendly

I am friendly19. I have great attitude

I have great attitude

20. I have good manners

I have good manners21. I learn from mistakes

I learn from mistakes22. I can do hard things

I can do hard things23. I got this!

I got this

24. I like challenges

I like challenges

25. I am pretty great
I am pretty great

    Embracing the Power of Self-Esteem through Books

    Self-Love and Self-Esteem are one of the most important assets we can have. And with all the challenges we're facing, we need them more than ever.

    One of the best ways to start the conversation about self-worth is with a character in a book facing the same struggles as your kids. And what's a better way for your kids to learn with Diggory Doo?

    Grab a copy of "Train Your Dragon To Love Himself" and teach your kids Self-Love and the importance of this vital skill.