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Train Your Dragon To Love Himself

A Dragon Book To Give Children Positive Affirmations. A Cute Story To Teach Kids To Love Who They Are (My Dragon Books - Volume 13)

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ISBN: 9781948040365

A Cute Dragon Book To Give Your Kids Positive Affirmations.

Your Children Will Immediately Understand Why They Are So Special And Unique Just The Way They Are and How to Love Themselves and Others.

Having a pet dragon is very fun.

You can teach your dragon to sit, stand, roll over, and you can even potty train him...

But what if your dragon constantly worries that he’s not good enough, smart enough, fast enough, or good looking enough?

What do you do?

You teach him to love himself! You teach him that he’s special and unique just the way he is. You teach him that if he wants to be the best, just be the best at being himself.

How do you do it? - Get this book now and find out how!

Fun, cute and entertaining with beautiful illustrations, this playful dragon book will help kids to understand how to love themselves, and love others.

A must have book for children and parents to teach kids about positive affirmations.


Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Amazon Customer
Great book!

Well written for children

These books are great. They hold out child's interest.

These books help out six year old learn social skills. These books hold his interest.

J. Reynolds
My new favorite childrens Author

My son suffers from trauma at an early age and is now five years old and struggles with his emotions. I have purchased many books in this series. Each book delivered beyond my expectations. My son loved listening about Diggory Doo learn life lessons. This series has open up conversation in a positive manner.

Maurice Burgess
My kids love it!

As a foster parent my kids often come to me struggling with big feelings and feeling badly about themselves. This book has been a game changer in helping them realize their worth!

a good book about self admiration...

I purchased this book for my grandson who is almost four years old. It is a very relatable book.