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Train Your Dragon To Do Hard Things

A Cute Children’s Story about Perseverance, Positive Affirmations and Growth Mindset (My Dragon Books - Volume 36)

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ISBN: 9781649160300

Having a pet dragon is so much fun.

He can sit, roll over, and play...He can candle a birthday cake, lit a campfire, or so many other cool things...

But what if your dragon is always afraid of doing Hard Things?

What if he gives up easily on anything that's hard?

What if he ALWAYS says Yes to everything just because it's easy to do so?

What if he's afraid to stand up for his friend just because it's easier to stay quiet?

What if he can't preserve through anything that's difficult?

What should you do?

You train him to do Hard Things!

You show him when things are tough, he needs to be tougher.

You give him words of encouragement that:

  • He can do anything he wants
  • He is in control
  • He can overcome any challenges if he wants to
  • He can stand up to the big bully for his friend even though it's scary
  • He can pick himself up when down, even when things are unfair or not his fault.

And so much, much more...

Get this book now and learn how to teach your kids about Perseverance, Positive Affirmations and Growth Mindset.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Angela Arnold

Love it

These books are wonderful.

My grandson has several of these Train Your Dragon books. They are his favorites. He gets so excited when he gets a new book. He loves to read and is an excellent reader.

Joshua P Miles
Bought almost all titles

We love your books! From Hutch and CloverMy 5 and 7 year olds loved these books so much they asked to come leave the author a message and review. We have them on Audible and listen on their echo dot. They wait attentively and will listen to several of these books at a time. They are definitely worth getting. I havent been disappointed with one of them yet! Very helpful for kids struggling with respect and other issues. My 7 year old actually came and apologized for not showing respect after listening.

Good message, cute story, and who doesn't love dragons?!

Cute story to teach kids to put in the effort to do things the hard/right way. Our 5yr old enjoys reading iabout dragons so this was a hit.

Kindle Customer
Review by 3.5 year old, typed by parent verbatim

I loved all the pictures. I also loved what the story said. I think other kids would like this book too. I have other Dragon bones and I want to get more.