Learning about Feelings with a Unicorn

A Cute and Fun Story to Teach Kids about Emotions and Feelings (My Unicorn Books - Volume 7)

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ISBN: 9781950280834

Having a unicorn as your best friend is so much fun!

You can do many cool things together – eating breakfast, racing across the meadow, then sliding down the rainbow, and a lot more…

But most importantly, a unicorn is very wise and smart and often sits with you for hours to talk about important things, such as important Feelings and Emotions.

Follow Allie and her best friend unicorn Dazzle to learn about all the different but important feelings and emotions that kids can have every day such as happiness, sadness, disappointment, anger, worry, fear, surprise, and so much more…

Discover how the unicorn helps Allie understand that her feelings and emotions are part of life that come and go each and every day, and it’s OK to experience the full range of feelings and emotions, as well has learning how to control and act accordingly when they occur.

This is a must have book for children, parents and teachers to help kids understand and identify their emotions, develop emotional resilience and self-awareness about their emotions and feelings.


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