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Before you lose your temper - Dragon Song

 Book used in this video: Train Your Angry Dragon

"Before you lose your temper, take a moment to remember: There is always another way!"

Perfect song to sing along with and control your temper! 


Customer Reviews

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snap circuits
love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i like it

Asia Wright
Hmm not what we expected.

The words are great, but this song should have been more of a rock and roll song. Dragon energy needs to be related to in order to receive the message. I know my son didn't even try to listen to this song although he loves the book!

Sheri Ehnie
Before You Lose Your Temper!

I love this song. I can see posters to make for the classrooms. I have to tell you,
I have never been excited for school to start until I began getting involved with Training My Dragon. I am hoping for GREAT SUCCESS!!
I will keep you posted.

The Dragon Tamer

Sheri Ehnie
WPW Elementary Librarian
Springfield City Schools
Springfield, OH