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Teach Your Dragon about Stranger Danger

A Cute Children Story To Teach Kids About Strangers and Safety (My Dragon Books - Volume 33)

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ISBN: 9781950280186

You can train him to sit, roll over, and play…

He can candle a birthday cake, lit a campfire, or so many other cool things…

But what if your dragon is always eager to talk to strangers?

What if he has no problem going with someone he doesn’t know?

What if he wanted to get in a car with someone because mom was late picking him up from school?

What if he loves to take toys or gifts from strangers and throw a major fit if you tell him not to?

What if he’s confused between “friendliness” and personal safety?

What should you do?

You help him understand stranger danger and safety.

You practice with him different situations with strangers and how he should react accordingly!


Get this book and learn how!

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
V. Shadlow
could be a "lead-in" to talk about Strangers ; needs reread to takek-in

This story covered ground for a lot of information. I'm an adult, but would of been the dragon believing what people said at "face value". Biggest lesson, getting children to understand that people we don't know may not be speaking the true.I really liked how it was stated, more than once (very important,) that people who don't have bad intentions will understand that a child has been told not to "go with", or just take the word of a stranger just because they tell you they are here to help you.

JV Haynie
Good conversation starter

I got this book for my 6yr old son to help talk about safety. It was a great conversation started that helps us to open that door and be mindful of the situation. I think it was a great book for us to be able to read again and again

Great for teaching stranger danger!

My son is starting to have a lot of questions about stranger danger. His instructor brought it up in karate one day, and it scared him. I wasnt quite prepared for this conversation, so of course I looked up how to talk about this subject. I came across this book and it is easy for him to understand, it gets the message across, and it does so in a not-so-scary way. Now when we talk about it he brings up situations in the book which really helps it sink in.

This collection of books are great!

This collection of books are great. There is a book for every topic and concern when raising young children. I highly recommend.

Alexandre B.
Nice book

Its a nice book. It taught how to not trust a stranger in a way that put you in risk. Atragwe dangwr need ro be thought early.