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Teach Your Dragon Body Safety

A Story About Personal Boundaries, Appropriate and Inappropriate Touching (My Dragon Books - Volume 44)

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ISBN: 9781649161048

Having a pet dragon is so much fun.

You can teach him to sit, roll over, and play…

You can teach him to make friends, control his anger, overcome his anxiety, show respect, and many more…

But, how do you teach him about the delicate subject such as Body Safety?

  • How do you help him understand appropriate and inappropriate touching?
  • How do you prepare him to deal with different real-life problematic situations?
  • How do you teach him about protecting his body and his privacy?
  • How does he know to respond and tell others that he doesn’t want to be touched?
  • What can he do when someone makes him feel uncomfortable?
  • Who does he talk to or ask for help when he feels unsafe?
  • How can you teach him to be in control of his own body and respect others’ personal boundaries? And so much more…

Get this book now and learn how!

Written from a children’s point of view, this fun, cute, and entertaining illustrated book is a must have book for parents, teachers, counselors and educators to gently teach kids about Body Safety, Inappropriate / Appropriate Touching and appropriate response to keep kids safe!


Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews
JV Haynie
Conversation starter

Got this book to help my 6yr son to remember and keep the conversation going about safety. We have multiple teach your dragon books and have enjoyed them all. You can re read this over and over to keep it fresh in the kids minds.

Good book for kids

Easy to read and very good to teach kids about body boundaries/safe spaces

Maria F
Very well done

My daughter is VERY careful about what she allows my 4 1/2 YO granddaughter to be exposed to. They both loved this book. Factual/informative, but not scary.


Great way to have this discussion with kids that makes it age friendly

Age appropriate for six-year-old

I think this is a wonderful way of talking about safe body. I love the fact that this was the second book we purchased, and it was the childs request to buy more of these books.