The Bossy Dragon

Stop Your Dragon from Being Bossy. A Story about Compromise, Friendship and Problem Solving (My Dragon Books - Volume 45)

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ISBN: 9781649161062

Having a pet dragon is so much fun.

You can teach him to sit, roll over, and play…

You can teach him to follow rules, control his anger, overcome his anxiety, show respect, and many more…

But what if your dragon is being bossy?

What if he always wants to be in charge and demands others to do what he wants?

What if he is disappointed and angry when his friends don’t play as he says?

What if he’s having trouble both at school and at home because he is always bossing others around and wants to do things “his way”?

What if he throws a fit when things don’t go his way and end up with no friend?

What should you do?

You teach him that being bossy isn’t a way to make friends and keep friends.

You teach him the importance of compromise.

You show him the power of flexibility.

You train him to know when to take a step back and listen to others’ feelings, wants, and needs.

And so much, much more…

How can you do that?

Get this book now and learn how!

Written from a children’s point of view, this fun, cute, relatable, and entertaining illustrated book is a must-have book for parents, teachers, counselors, and educators to help kids with a “bossy” attitude and teach them the importance of Compromise, Friendship, and Problem Solving.


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