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Can A Unicorn Help Me Deal With Bullying?

A Cute Story To Teach Kids To Deal with Bullying in School. (My Unicorn Books - Volume 4)

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ISBN: 9781950280162

Can A Unicorn Help Me Deal With BULLYING?

I have a unicorn for a pet…

She’s my best friend ever. We do many cool things together – eating breakfast, racing across the meadow, then sliding down the rainbow, and a lot more…

But most importantly, my unicorn is very wise and smart and often sits with me for hours to talk about important things.

Recently, I didn’t feel very happy, and I didn’t want to go school, because there was a girl and her friends at school who decided to pick on me, and I felt BULLIED…

  • They say I can’t play with them…
  • They tell other kids that they can’t play with me…
  • The say mean things to me…
  • They call me names…

So, school isn’t a fun place any more…

All of this made me feel blue, and I wonder if what they said about me is true…

What if they’re not wrong?

How can I go to school, where I clearly don’t belong?

Luckily, my unicorn told me just what to do to deal with Bullying!

How did she do that?

Get this book now and learn how!

Fun, cute, and entertaining with beautiful illustrations, this is a must have book for children, parents and teachers to teach kids how to deal with Bullying in School.


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Harry Gibbs
Very helpful

Child friendly and easy to understand

Honest Reviewer
Why can everyone see the unicorn

This book is about bullying. The message is great. The unicorn's message is great. But why the hell can everyone see the unicorn? This girl would never be bullied if everyone knew she had a talking flying unicorn. I thought it was her imaginary friend up until the end when it magically flies all the kids on her magical rainbow, the f is going on here, so now the message is you need a magical talking unicorn to make bullies understand that what they're doing is wrong?! Wtf.

Love these books

My first grader loves these - and my toddler, too. There is always a great lesson inside! Thanks, Steve Herman!

Jade Hewlett
The best book to help children understand bullying

With unicorns being so popular these days I was intrigued by Can A Unicorn Help Me Deal With Bullying and we really enjoyed the story. The book is about a girl who opens up to her unicorn about being bullied and why she was sad and Dazzle the unicorn shared her knowledge on the subject to help her cope.I thought this story would be good to show the surface level of bullying but it actually went a lot deeper than I'd expected and explained very well why bullies are like they are and this was great to help the children understand why the bullies behaved as they did. Not a lot of books show anything but the solution so it was refreshing to see the book being open and honest with children yet still on a level they can understand.The illustrations are lovely to show how the little girl was feeling. By having darker pages when she was feeling sad and brighter when happy was very clever and helps us see how she may feel too. The unicorn and rainbows were the children's favourite part but it was nice to see a unicorn in a story with a purpose and sharing knowledge rather than just looking good and making children want to read the book.It was nice to see how the characters changed throughout the book and it allowed us to talk about how they may be feeling. This is a brilliant book, one of the best I've seen for young children dealing with bullying. Definitely worth a read!

Amazon Customer
Great book.

Love these books to help teach social skills. My 3rd grade class loved when I bring in a new book to read.