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A Dragon Goes to the Dentist

A Children's Story About Dental Visit (My Dragon Books - Volume 57)

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ISBN: 9781649161307

A Cute Story To Help Kids Overcome Fear of Going to the Dentist (My Dragon Books – Volume 57)

Let your children learn with Diggory Doo, the dragon, that visiting the Dentist doesn't have to be scary, and they'll look forward to their next dental visit to keep their smiles bright and healthy!

Having a pet dragon is very fun! He can sit, rollover, and play…

He can candle a birthday cake, lit a campfire, or so many other cool things…

But what if he is terrified about visiting the Dentist?
What if he refuses to go to his first dental appointment because "my teeth are perfect!"?

What should you do?
You teach him:

  • what happens at the Dentist's office
  • dental tools
  • how the Dentist treats his small cavity
  • why it's important to brush and floss his teeth twice daily so he won't have cavities again
  • how essential it is to get his teeth checked regularly
  • and more…

How do you do that?

Get this book now and learn how!

Fun, cute, and entertaining with beautiful illustrations and relatable stories, this book is a must-have for children, parents, and educators to help kids overcome fears of Going to the Dentist.


Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Procedures at dentist explained with pictures

Liked that Diggory Doo was encouraged to dentist in order to.keep.his bright smile!The illustrations of the office and instruments used were realistic and procedures explained in order they would occur. Acknowledged that child can be.concerned and scared but that it is very important that they learn the reason for read all of Steve Herman's books and bought many as gifts for schools and friends. Every book is on target and the vocabulary level has become higher!.Rhyming is an extra bonus

Ronda Kinnneberg
Love these books!!

I taught classes in our school districts summer program. I wrote a class based on these books, working on a different character trait every day. The kids loved them!

Excellent book


Another great book in the series

Definitely an important topic for children to understand the importance of personal property.

Another great book

I was a bit skeptical when I saw the title in this book however Steve Herman went again is taking a sensitive personal subject and made it clearly and gently approached fir children and a great lesson for all