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Dragon and His Friend

A Dragon Book About Autism. A Cute Story to Explain the Basics of Autism at a Child’s Level (My Dragon Books - Volume 31)

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ISBN: 9781950280087

Having a pet dragon is so much fun!

You can teach him many things such as sit, roll over, and play…

You can teach him how to behave, how to be kind, how to control his emotions, and much more…

But what if your dragon has a new friend who has autism?

How do you explain autism to your dragon?

How do you help him understand that we’re all uniquely different, and we think, feel and experience the world differently?

How do you teach him that our differences can be helpful and get him learn important lessons about patience, understanding and tolerance so we can best accommodate our differences?

Get this book now and learn how!

Fun, cute, and entertaining with beautiful illustrations, this is a must read for children, parents and teachers to explain the basics of autism at a child’s level.


Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Conni Shamp
great age appropriate comprehension

I am a Child and Family Therapist and enjoy having fun books to reach all ages of comprehension for difficult topics. I haven't met a person who doesn't enjoy a story with a pet dinosaur. Fabulous series and Parents love the help with their children.

ReNe'e Beau Bixler
Love these books!

This was our 3rd of these books and it deals with explaing spectrum kids so well. It encourages other to be patient and kind too. Really helped my child feel seen in his new diagnosis.

Amazon Customer
Great series!

I got this for my granddaughter who has autism. I read it and thought it was written more for non-autistic kids. However, my daughter told me it was great for my granddaughter as well. And, she lives thus author and has other Dragon books already. ??

Kristin Alexander
Covers a tough topic eloquently

My almost three year old has autism and has started realizing social interactions with friends are not what she expects sometimes. This book covers what a child with autism experiences, as well as their friends, in a way most children can understand. While my daughter does not yet understand autism, she can relate to Mike's reactions. I think that helps her to not feel like her reactions are wrong. A wonderfully written guide in a friendly disguise!

Kimberly Thornton
Perfect for kindergarten age!

I absolutely love this book. It's very catchy and it does a very good job of explaining autism in terms for small children. The pictures are cute and I love the fact that it Rhymes and it's fast paced. I ordered this book because we are doing an Autism Awareness event at my son's kindergarten class and I needed a book that was on their level. I am very pleased with this book and I intend to order two more copies to donate to each of my kids school library.