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Dragon’s Mask

A Cute Children’s Story to Teach Kids the Importance of Wearing Masks to Help Prevent the Spread of Germs and Viruses (My Dragon Books - Volume 38)

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ISBN: 9781649160683

A fun and important book for parents and educators to reinforce the importance of wearing masks, and to teach kids to wear a mask to help prevent the spread of germs and viruses in a fun and playful way!

Having a pet dragon is really fun and you can teach him to do lots of cool things…

But what if your dragon doesn’t know how to properly wear a mask? What if he’s struggling with wearing a mask because he doesn’t understand how important it is to wear a mask in public because of a virus outbreak?

How do you teach him about germs, viruses and the pandemic? How do you show him what needed to be done to keep himself and everyone safe?

How do you teach your dragon to wear a mask to help prevent the spread of germs and viruses during the pandemic?

Get this book now and learn with Diggory Doo the dragon why wearing masks are important during this time!

This book is an essential tool for parents and educators to encourage children to wear masks during the related pandemic, and to give them much needed lessons and reassurance during the sudden change.


Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Kindle Customer
Adorable and On Point

I want entirely sure from the pictures on Amazon of the quality of the book (would it make it through a couple of years in a classroom library) or the illustrations. For some reason, they looked a little fuzzy in the pictures on Amazon. However, having arrived, they're bright and entertaining illustrations. The words have a rhythm and rhyme pattern, and there were only a few times I stumbled to make those work. They'll hold students' attention. The book had humor, but it's also compassionate. It covers a range of plausible behaviors an elementary age student might exhibit with masks, and they boy clearly, firmly, but kindly, tells his dragon specifically why he shouldn't do each of those. My favorite is when the dragon sees a colorful mask another child is wearing and wants to trade masks. So plausible.There's nothing heavy handed in the story. I can't wait to read it to my students.

Karen Sayles
Great book

Great teaching book for wearing your masks

Marissa Gramoll
So fun

This really helped explain things to my kids in a comfortable and fun way. We love these books.

Dragon Mask

Fantastic book! My students love it!!

Good mask book

Bought this to read to my 3rd grade class and they liked it! It was a great way to discuss masks at school. Nice illustrations!