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Diggory Doo Gratitude Journal: A Journal For Kids To Practice Gratitude, Appreciation, and Thankfulness

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ISBN: 9781649160997

This journal is a guide to fostering the attitude of gratitude for children daily.

Made by Steve Herman, the best selling children's books author of the My Dragon Books series, this journal is designed to help children:

  • Be happy for what they have.
  • Be grateful for things others have done for them.
  • Be happy for others have instead of wanting what belongs to others.
  • Appreciate the things they have - the clothes they wear, the house they live in, their family, friends, teachers, and much more...

This is the perfect journal for teachers, parents, school counselors, and educators to teach children the attitude of gratitude.

Get this journal now and let your kids journal daily to practice the habit of being grateful for the things they have!