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Diggory Doo and the Bad Habits

A Dragon’s Story About Breaking Bad Habits and Replace Them with Good Ones (My Dragon Books - Volume 65)

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ISBN: 9781649161475

Empowering Your Children to Break Bad Habits and Replace Them with Good Ones (My Dragon Books – Volume 65).

Having a pet dragon is so much fun! You can teach him to sit, roll over, and play… You can teach him to make friends, control his anger, overcome his anxiety, show respect, and more…

But what if your dragon has so many bad habits?
  • What if he tends to bite his nails when anxious or bored?
  • What if he can’t resist the temptation to pick his nose whenever he wants to?
  • What if he loves junk foods and sugary treats, which are all he eats?
  • What if he finds it hard to get away from his screens – whether it’s TV, games, or phones?
  • What if all his bad habits affect his health, relationships with friends, school work, and much more?

What should you do?

Get this book now and join Diggory Doo, the lovable young dragon, on the journey to overcome bad habits that many kids can relate to!

In this engaging story, your children will be inspired to follow Diggory’s lead to find creative solutions to break bad habits and discover the world of good habits and the power of making positive choices.

With its delightful illustrations, engaging storyline, and relatable characters, this book is an essential resource for parents, teachers, counselors, and educators to teach how to break bad habits and replace them with good habits and healthy choices.


Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Tiffany N Ring
Love Diggory

Read these books to students who love them

Elaine Weinstein
Parents approve this book

Parents love this book.

Always pleased with Diggory Doo books

My grandson loves Diggory Doo books, and I have bought him many.Diggory Doo and Bad habits made him aware of what bad habits are.Thank you again for the great books.

Kindle Customer
What a great way to discuss building healthy habits!

The book usedms a Whimsical approach to discuss an important developmental topic. As a child play therapist, Ienjoy sharing Diggery Doo'd adventured and the valuable lessons we learn with him.

Solomon Neas
Diggory Doo makes emotions relatable

Steven does a great job at breaking down complex emotions and how to approach them!