How Did I Catch A Unicorn?

How To Stay Calm To Catch A Unicorn. A Cute Story to Teach Kids about Emotions and Anger Management. (My Unicorn Books - Volume 1)

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ISBN: 9781950280063

How Can You Get a Unicorn For a Pet?

Are Unicorns Even Real?

 – Yes, they are. BUT, a unicorn is not the kind of pet that you can buy!

To get a pet unicorn, first you have to believe unicorns are real, and then you have to find where they are.

BUT, even after you find a unicorn, she will not just let you ride her, and she will not home with you.


Because unicorns do not like angry kids.

I’ve been mad because I think people around me made me angry.

When I found a unicorn, I thought she would make all my problems go away.

But the unicorn won’t let me touch her, and told me that I have to be calm and learn to control my temper first.

But I really need a unicorn. What should I do? How could I get the unicorn to go home with me and be my best friend forever?


After reading this book, you will learn exactly how to catch a unicorn, as well as how to be a good kid, how to control your temper!

Fun, cute and entertaining with beautiful illustrations, this cute unicorn book is a must have for kids, parents, teachers, and educators to teach kids how to handle emotions and anger when things don’t go their way.


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