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My Dragon Books Half Series (34 Books) (Volume 1 - 34) (Paperback) (15% OFF)

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The bundle includes 34 books from Volume 1 to Volume 34 with bulk order discount.

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Title Price (USD)
Potty Train Your Dragon (Volume 1) (x1) $12.95
Train Your Angry Dragon (Volume 2) (x1) $12.95
The Mindful Dragon (Volume 3) (x1) $12.95
The Yoga Dragon (Volume 4) (x1) $12.95
Dragon and The Bully (Volume 5) (x1) $12.95
Happy Birthday, Dragon! (Volume 6) (x1) $12.95
Train Your Dragon To Accept NO (Volume 7) (x1) $12.95
I Got This! (Volume 8) (x1) $12.95
Train Your Dragon To Be Kind (Volume 9) (x1) $12.95
A Dragon With His Mouth On Fire (Volume 10) (x1) $12.95
Train Your Dragon To Follow Rules (Volume 11) (x1) $12.95
Train Your Dragon To Be Responsible (Volume 12) (x1) $12.95
Train Your Dragon To Love Himself (Volume 13) (x1) $12.95
Teach Your Dragon To Understand Consequences (Volume 14) (x1) $12.95
Teach Your Dragon to Stop Lying (Volume 15) (x1) $12.95
Teach Your Dragon to Make Friends (Volume 16) (x1) $12.95
Teach Your Dragon to Make Friends (Volume 16) (x1) $12.95
Teach Your Dragon To Share (Volume 17) (x1) $12.95
Fix Your Dragon’s Attitude (Volume 18) (x1) $12.95
Get Your Dragon To Try New Things (Volume 19) (x1) $12.95
Teach Your Dragon To Follow Instructions (Volume 20) (x1) $12.95
A Dragon Christmas (Volume 21) (x1) $12.95
Help Your Dragon Deal With Anxiety (Volume 22) (x1) $12.95
Teach Your Dragon Manners (Volume 23) (x1) $12.95
Teach Your Dragon Empathy (Volume 24) (x1) $12.95
Teach Your Dragon About Diversity (Volume 25) (x1) $12.95
Help Your Dragon Learn From Mistakes (Volume 26) (x1) $12.95
Help Your Dragon Deal With Change (Volume 27) (x1) $12.95
The Sad Dragon (Volume 28) (x1) $12.95
Dragon Sibling Rivalry (Volume 29) (x1) $12.95
Limit Your Dragon's Screen Time (Volume 30) (x1) $12.95
Dragon and His Friend (Volume 31) (x1) $12.95
Teach Your Dragon Good Hygiene (Volume 32) (x1) $12.95
Teach Your Dragon About Stranger Danger (Volume 33) (x1) $12.95
Help Your Dragon Cope with Trauma (Volume 34) (x1) $12.95


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Kylin Long
Speech Therapist Approved

I work with many Social Emotional Learning students ranging from Autism to Emotional Disabilities. I found these books on Amazon a couple years ago and I use these books occasionally to teach self-regulation strategies, emotional identification in self and others, friendship skills, the perspective of others and more. They work really well for lessons and the students love them! I do wish I could purchase some kind of digital print of Digory with his rules so my students could color him and take home. I have had to create little art projects to go with them which go over very well. I just saw the plushies so I will have to buy them!

Vanessa Sanchez

The books are so cute! Kids seem to stay engaged. Topics are helpful for elementary students.