My Unicorn Books Full Series (7 Books) (Paperback)

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Written by Steve Herman – Best Selling Children Book's Author.

If you love Steve Herman’s “My Dragon Books” Series, then you would definitely love this “My Unicorn Books” Series.


Bundle includes all books in My Unicorn Books series. You will receive:

Title Price
How Did I Catch A Unicorn? (Volume 1) (x1) $12.95
How A Unicorn Made Me Stop Worrying? (Volume 2) (x1) $12.95
Can A Unicorn Help Me Make Good Choices? (Volume 3) (x1) $12.95
Can A unicorn Help Me Deal With Bullying? (Volume 4)(x1) $12.95
A Unicorn Helped Me Build A Growth Mindset (Volume 5) (x1) $12.95
How I learn Kindness from a Unicorn (Volume 6) (x1) $12.95
Learning about Feelings with a Unicorn (Volume 7) (x1) $12.95

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