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Teach Your Dragon Online Safety

A Story About Navigating the Internet Safely and Responsibly (My Dragon Books - Volume 66)

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ISBN: 9781649161499

Teach Your Children Online Safety and Navigating the Internet Safely and Responsibly (My Dragon Books – Volume 66).

Having a pet dragon like Diggory Doo is so much fun! You can teach him to sit, roll over, and play… You can teach him to make friends, control his anger, overcome his anxiety, show respect, and more…

Diggory Doo is like any other kid who loves the digital world…From schoolwork to games, from videos to social media, the online world is his playground.

But what if his online world is getting out of hand? What if your dragon soon discovers not all online adventures are fun and games?
  • What if he stumbles upon distressing content from a video that is not supposed to be for kids?
  • What if a stranger – a mysterious friend – in a game asks him to share personal details?
  • What if all his in-app purchases are racking up?
  • What if his social media behaviors are pushing friends away?
  • And much more…
What should you do?
You teach him online safety!
  • You show him the dos and don’ts of sharing personal information?
  • You help him understand the lasting impact of a single post
  • You teach him valuable lessons about navigating the online world responsibly.
  • You show him the importance of setting boundaries, thinking before clicking, and help him learn the power of responsibility that comes with being an internet user.
More importantly, you teach him how to balance the online and the real world, how to unplug from his devices, the importance of face-to-face interactions, and how to enjoy the real world around him…

How do you do this?

Get this book now and learn how!

With its delightful illustrations, engaging storyline, and relatable characters, this book is an essential guide, lesson, and conversation starter for parents, teachers, counselors, and educators to teach online safety.

Get this book now, and let your children join Diggory on his journey to becoming a safer, kinder, and more responsible digital citizen, and teach your children how to inspire positive change in the online world.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Jessica F Martinez
I love these books!

My son has been collecting this series of books. It has lessons parsed into a story a little guy can get into. I do recommend. Warning: it’s written in rhymes.

David Marshall
Love these books

Our grandsons love these books and are collecting them all.

Kelli D.
Great lessons and illustrations

This is not our first Diggory Dragoon book by Steve Herman. The illustrations are bright, colorful, and fun. The lessons are simple enough for younger kids, and can encourage conversations with slightly older kids. Mine is 8, and loves these books.

D. Pendragon
Great for 6 year old!

My boy is just starting to explore technology and he loves the diggory books!This is a great choice for your little dragon!

CM Gergle
Great book

Great book and a topic of great concern in today's world. I hope these books keep coming.