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Teach Your Dragon Patience

A Story About Patience and the Power of Waiting (My Dragon Books - Volume 64)

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ISBN: 9781649161451

Empowering Your Children to Master Patience and Waiting (My Dragon Books – Volume 64)
Having a pet dragon is so much fun! You can teach him to sit, roll over, and play… You can teach him to make friends, control his anger, overcome his anxiety, show respect, and more…
But what if your dragon is impatient?
  • What if waiting is not easy for him?
  • What if he easily becomes upset when faced with any form of waiting?
  • What if he insists on having everything INSTANTLY?
What should you do?
Fear not! There is a way to instill patience in your dragon!
In this captivating book, your dragon will learn how to:
  • Transform waiting into a delightful and proactive experience
  • Engage in fun activities that make waiting enjoyable
  • Understand that waiting is an essential part of daily life
  • Understand that extraordinary things can happen with patience
  • and much more
With its delightful illustrations, engaging storyline, and relatable characters, this book is an essential resource for parents, teachers, counselors, and educators to teach children the profound Power of Patience and Waiting!

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Amanda Johnson
engaging and written well

Good vocabulary for a young 7 year old. I enjoyed the message. It was very clear and offered good solutions to how to apply the lesson.

Great read and message

Too bad my granddaughter didnt get the message

Patience is hard!


Ali Najafian
A fun read as always!!

The story was fun like always! We love your books and have read most of them. However, the proposed strategy/method for practicing patience and the examples were not new/novel. I wish there were other examples besides baking a cake and waiting for a seed to grow into a tree. Moreover, some kids just have a hard time understanding the concept of time :-) Maybe mentioning and acknowledging the fact that kids can have a hard time waiting at times and that this is normal can help some of them...

Lashon Gonzales
I love these books

I love these books And the series is adorable and it is very informative with children learning feelings related to circumstances. I have bought many of his books. Thank you and hope Steve Herman makes more books.