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Diggory Listens to His Body

A Dragon's Story About Sensations and Feelings (My Dragon Books - Volume 67)

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ISBN: 9781649161512

A Dragon’s Guide to Help Kids Explore and Understand the Connection Between Bodily Sensations and Feelings (My Dragon Books – Volume 67)

Navigating big emotions can be challenging for children. With the beloved dragon Diggory Doo, this captivating book will help your children understand and connect their feelings and physical sensations.

As your children follow Diggory Doo’s adventure, they will learn about different sensations in their bodies and how these sensations are clues to understanding their feelings and emotions.

“Diggory Listens to His Body” is an invaluable social-emotional resource for parents, counselors, educators, and therapists.

This book will help you:
  • Tackle the confusion your children face in interpreting their feelings and physical sensations.
  • Teach children that every sensation, whether big or small, is a normal part of everyday life.
  • Demonstrate how bodily sensations are important clues to understanding feelings and emotions.
  • Guide children on how to listen to and understand their body’s signals.
  • Offer strategies for children to handle their emotions and feelings in healthy ways.
  • Provide insights into how the body responds during different emotional states.
  • And much more…
With relatable characters, “Diggory Listens to His Body” will make children feel seen and understood as they follow him on his adventure. This is an essential resource for all children, including those with special needs, to navigate every day and stressful situations.

Get this book now and help your children understand bodily sensations and master their emotional development with ease!

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Kerridan McLaughlin
Great Books for kids!

My kids love learning how Diggory navigates life and the lessons he learns. They are great books to teach kids about important topics, life lessons and struggles. I would definitely recommend.

Mommy Kimmy
Clear, Simple Examples of Sensations and Feelings for Kids

Today in a counseling session with a very active fourth-grade student, I read him "Diggory Listens to His Body" and, as I read, I asked him to highlight words on a list of sensations and feelings I made. Each time he heard a reference to a sensation or feeling, he checked it off. The book uses clear and simple language related to sensations and feelings, and this activity was a big success in helping raise awareness! Thank you, Steve Herman!

Good story for littles

I liked that this has the potential to help young children become more aware of what is going on inside their bodies. It felt a little too simple for my 9 year old, but he seemed to listen. You never know, maybe the lessons still need to be learned even at his age. Either way, it is a good story. Use your best judgment for what age it might be best suited for. :)

Julie Anderson
A great companion for interoception skills training!

I really enjoyed this new Diggory Doo book! I've recently included interoception skills training into my practice working with people of all ages with Autism and emotional dysregulation challenges. As always, Steve Herman takes us on a relatable story as Diggory finds his way through new experiences that ends with a deeper understanding of himself.

Excellent as always

Beautiful use of color, rhyme, and messaging. The language was clear and delivery, of what adults might find to be more complex though, was sweet and to the point. Another great addition, my kiddo loved it!