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Teach Your Dragon About Diversity

Train Your Dragon To Respect Diversity. A Cute Story To Teach Kids About Diversity and Differences. (My Dragon Books - Volume 25)

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ISBN: 9781948040778

Having a pet dragon is very fun.

He can sit, roll over, and play…

He can candle a birthday cake, lit a campfire, or so many other cool things…

But what if your dragon is sad because he is DIFFERENT than his friends?

What if he feel bad that his skin is red, and is not like any of his friends?

What if he’s worried that none of his friend has wings, tails and scales like him?

What if he’s so nervous because he’s different? What should you do?

You teach him about DIVERSITY!

  • You teach him that we’re individuals and should celebrate our differences
  • You teach him the difference in appearance, gender, skin color, and beliefs do not separate us
  • You teach him that our differences make this world such a beautiful place
  • You teach him that we’re all the same inside, and should embrace diversity
  • And so much more

Get this book and learn how to teach your dragon about diversity!

Fun, cute, and entertaining with beautiful illustrations, this is a must have book for children, parents and teachers to teach kids diversity and difference


Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Terri Broadwell
This is a good book to have a discussion with my students.

We had a lot of good discussions in class.

Aspen Goad
Good start

Living in our rural area of the south its become painfully apparent my children are lacking opportunities to see people who are different than them. I like this book because it helps them see differences and realize that differences are good! Any book that lets my kids see people different from them and with different beliefs is good, especially when it helps them relate it to their life.I rated 3 instead of 5 as there were a couple things I feel it missed the mark on.There were some stereotypes about what races like to eat. I get the author was trying to introduce different ethnicities eating different things but it came off a little cringy. I also was disappointed to see only girls playing with dolls and boys playing blocks. The words were good but the pictures missed the mark. I also wish there had been some reference to different handicaps.All in all a good book to get the conversation started but you may need to supplement the lesson a bit

Ashley Kelley
Cute message, had to be careful with one page

I loved the message that this book taught our students- we are all unique in our ways and we bring something special to this world. There was one page I had to be careful about because it could be thought of as stereotypical/offensive to some. With the Dr. Seuss books being pulled for similar content, I chose to skip that page when reading it to my class. I just wanted to be careful. Overall it was a great book with a great message.

Jessie McCall
Great book! Kids loved it!

Great book! Kids loved it!

Samantha b
Help your kids learn hard topics in and easy way

Wonderful way to talk about a difficult topic