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Teach Your Dragon Manners

Train Your Dragon To Be Respectful. A Cute Children Story To Teach Kids About Manners, Respect and How To Behave (My Dragon Books - Volume 23)

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ISBN: 9781948040716

Having a pet dragon is very fun.

But what if your dragon is rude?

What do you do when your dragon does not know what good manners are? What do you say to your dragon when he is often disrespectful to others?

Get this book and learn how to train your disrespectful dragon!

A must have book for children and parents to teach kids about good manners and respect.

Fun, cute and entertaining with beautiful illustrations, this playful book will teach kids what disrespectful behaviors are, and how to use good manners and be respectful for others.

Get this book now and enjoy!

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Denise A. Kuehner
Teach your child good manners through a naughty yet lovable dragon

Purchased this book for my three and four year old grandsons to help them learn better manners. It really helped. Now they talk about Digory-do the naughty dragon, who now says please and thank you. It has certainly helped them learn to share things with each other. It teaches kindness and respect. The drawings are cute but the lessons are really top notch and offered in rhyme which helps children stay focused. They want me to read the book to them over and over which is great because thats how little kids learn. I plan to buy other books in the series.

Ashley Bowen
Awesome book!

Bought this for my son who is 4. My son now uses his manners more! We have a few other books. One about respect. My sons attitude has changed a lot since having these books! My goal is to buy him the whole collection!

Heidi Hunt
All of the books educational

I teach special education and these books help to educate students in a fun way.

T. Lee
My 3 year old granddaughter loves this book!

And, it has a great message too! Win, win!

Michelle kloos
Quality Grandma Time!

When I started reading this with my 7 year old granddaughter, she was immediately engaged!