Two Homes Filled with Love

A Story about Divorce and Separation (My Dragon Books - Volume 37)

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ISBN: 9781649160560

A Cute Children’s Book to help Kids understand and get through Parental Divorce or Separation.

Join Drew and his dragon Diggory Doo on this uplifting story to help a friend during the most difficult change in his life when his parents live apart and he’s now living in two homes.

This is an essential book to help discuss and explain to children the hard but important topic in the simple and appropriate way that children could relate to and understand.

Parents and educators will find this book the perfect tool to help children cope with parental separation, breakup or divorce, and to teach them that whether living in one home or two, they’re always loved and supported.

Read this book to children to give them the empowering affirmation that they are loved wherever they are, and wherever their parents are.


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