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Two Homes Filled with Love

A Story about Divorce and Separation (My Dragon Books - Volume 37)

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ISBN: 9781649160560

A Cute Children’s Book to help Kids understand and get through Parental Divorce or Separation.

Join Drew and his dragon Diggory Doo on this uplifting story to help a friend during the most difficult change in his life when his parents live apart and he’s now living in two homes.

This is an essential book to help discuss and explain to children the hard but important topic in the simple and appropriate way that children could relate to and understand.

Parents and educators will find this book the perfect tool to help children cope with parental separation, breakup or divorce, and to teach them that whether living in one home or two, they’re always loved and supported.

Read this book to children to give them the empowering affirmation that they are loved wherever they are, and wherever their parents are.


Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Carla Cristina
It helps children understand

It's very good to help them understand about separated parents and 2 homes, but I do change some of the words, as it can get a bit complicated at times and for a 3 year old it's a little hard to understand. My 7 year old loves it and helps him with his feelings when he feels sad or conflicted. It's sad, but for those who are in our situation; It definitely comforts the kids.

The best book for separation for small kids

Can't tell you how much this book has meant to my 3 yo as my husband and I are newly separated. he said he wished he had a pink dragon friend. The only warning I would give is that there is one page that has a bubble in the imagery that has the words separation/divorce and one other word, can't remember. If you are like us and not choosing to introduce those words at this time, just know they are there, but not part of the text, so we just choose not to read them.

Jonathan Jolly
I love this!!!rried!!!

#1 reccomendation for families even if they’re not separated/divorced.❤️

For an older child - complex ideas.

I was looking for toddler level content and more of a first person theme. There was not a way to review the book - so I will gift this to an older child.

Not for 3 year old

I bought the dragon and book for my grandson. He loves the stuffed animal but I'm going to wait several months before introducing him to the books. The stories are well written and I believe will help him but still just a bit young yet.