Virtual Learning Dragon

A Story About Distance Learning to Help Kids Learn Online (My Dragon Books - Volume 39)

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ISBN: 9781649160706

A fun and important book for educators and parents to help children succeed in virtual learning in a fun and playful way!

Having a pet dragon is really fun and you can teach him to do lots of cool things…

But what happens if one day schools are closed due to the virus pandemic, and your dragon has to do virtual / distance learning?

What if virtual learning is too hard for him?

What if he gets bored easily and cannot stay engaged?

What if he doesn’t want to do his virtual classwork?

What if he’s easily distracted, or if he goes to the kitchen too often?

What if he doesn’t want to follow any of the new virtual class rules, and much more?

What should you do?

Get this book now and lean how to prepare your dragon (and kids) to learn online successfully!

This book is an essential tool for parents and educators to help kids overcome fears and struggles with virtual / distance learning and to make learning fun during the hard and sudden change.


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