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Dear Educators:

Finally, A Children's Book Series that Effortlessly Teaches Social-Emotional Learning!

Whether you're a teacher, school counselor, or educator, you've likely searched high and low for the best resources on teaching your elementary students
how to handle their social-emotional struggles.

It is difficult to find relevant, engaging books that teach Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)...

From angry outbursts to disruptive behaviors, every kid struggles with social and emotional issues from time to time, and it can be exhausting trying to help them cope with their daily challenges.

If you're searching for a resource that will help you teach SEL in a relatable and engaging way, look no further. The My Dragon Books series is your solution.

Learn with Diggory Doo and Drew through relatable, real-life lessons!

Written with ample love and care by Steve Herman – best selling children's book author, the My Dragon Books series is full of valuable life lessons that your students will absorb in a fun and effortless way.

My Dragon Books follow the story of Diggory Doo, an adorable dragon, and his best friend, a boy named Drew.

In each story, Drew helps his dragon overcome different real-life challenges (that children face everyday) in a healthy and productive way.

Children learn, alongside Diggory Doo, about how to deal with social-emotional issues such as controlling anger, making mistakes, overcoming anxiety, learning manners, telling the truth, making friends, showing empathy, and many other SEL topics...

Not only do kids love Diggory Doo, but they also relate to the obstacles he faces in each story.

Watch your students learn valuable life lessons as they're captivated by the story of the lovable dragon who deals with emotional struggles just like they do.

You'll be amazed when your students ask you to read My Dragon Books over and over again.

Hear What Teachers and School Counselors Are Saying about My Dragon Books

Thousands of teachers, school counselors, and educators have used My Dragon Books to help students deal with their social and emotional challenges.

This series helps children understand their own emotions and feelings, and help them overcome their daily obstacles and challenges in order to learn to be better everyday.

But don't take our word for it. Check out the testimonials from educators just like you:

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So, if you're looking for great books to share with your students … books full of fun stories and important lessons …

Then, pick up My Dragon Books TODAY, or contact us to place your school purchase order, and join many other educators in helping your students grow into the best versions of themselves!

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