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Dear Educators:

Tired of Searching for Effective Social-Emotional Learning Resources?

As an educator, you know that teaching SEL is crucial, but it can be challenging to find engaging resources that connect with your students.

From temper tantrums to disruptive behaviors, students face social and emotional struggles everyday, and it can be overwhelming trying to
help them cope with their daily challenges.

If you're looking for a resource that will help you teach SEL in a relatable and engaging way, look no further…

My Dragon Books - Your Solution to Effortless SEL Teaching.

My Dragon Books is a children's book series that makes SEL teaching a breeze.

Written with love and care by best-selling author Steve Herman, this series follows the story of Diggory Doo, an adorable dragon, and his best friend, Drew.

Through relatable real-life lessons, your students learn about managing emotions, building relationships, and developing positive habits.

Your students will learn, alongside Diggory Doo, how to deal with social-emotional issues such as controlling anger, making mistakes, overcoming anxiety, learning manners, telling the truth, making friends, showing empathy, and more…

Kids love Diggory Doo and relate to the obstacles he faces, making SEL lessons effortless and fun.

Real Results from Real Educators

Thousands of teachers, school counselors, and educators have used My Dragon Books to help students overcome their social and emotional

Don't just take our word for it - check out the glowing testimonials from educators like you who have seen positive impacts in their students' growth.

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So, if you're looking for a fun and effective way to teach SEL, then look no further.

Pick up My Dragon Books today and join the many successful schools that have already seen the benefits.

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